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Alice's testimony

Alice Beauvois, sponsor of J'irai à l'école, has just returned from a trip to Madagascar. She visited the School of the Little Giants and told us all about it.

"I was surprised and admired the work carried out by the association. It's impressive to see what the project has become in such a short space of time. It was the end of the first school year, and even though there are still plans to improve life at the school, the children seem to have settled in and feel good. The professionals ( Director, Project Manager, caretaker, teachers, cooks) do everything they can to ensure the children's well-being and learning. I was able to take part in the activities offered by the school: drawing lessons (they're really talented for their age) and choir. It was really great to share these moments with them.

I support this association and really hope that they will have the means to do what they want for these children. Travelling to Madagascar is a bit like travelling to another world when you come from Europe, so it's really important to help in any way we can to promote education and health."

Alice with Felana, the Director of the School of the Little Giants


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