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An emergency change of premises

An essential move

The first premises of the Règne school had neither electricity nor running water, nor a refectory, nor a playground, nor a toilet block.. Six classrooms of only 13m² accommodated the 11 levels taught (from kindergarten to third grade), i.e. 146 students.

In 2017, supported by J'IRAI A 'ECOLE, the Règne school moved into new premises. These are still not premises designed to accommodate classrooms, but they are larger and have water and electricity. This large dwelling house offers 9 classrooms, 1 small refectory and a real playground.

Teachers, parents and children are mobilizing to ensure the move.

An expansion pending the construction of a real establishment

In 2018, in agreement with the owners, J'RAI A L'ECOLE finances the construction of 2 new additional classrooms.

Improved comfort and learning conditions

Purchase of school furniture

J'RAI A L'ECOLE financed the renewal of school furniture that was insufficient and in very poor condition.

As soon as the delivery was completed, children and teachers participated in the polishing of these new pieces of furniture which will greatly improve the conditions of study and teaching.

More comfort for the little ones

No more naps on the tables. space nap for the little ones has been arranged.

Purchase and donation of equipment for sports lessons

The teaching of sport suffers from a very significant lack of means. Sports facilities are limited to a municipal football and basketball pitch, but balls are lacking. JIAE bought balls and provided outfits for the practice of team sports.

Purchase of miscellaneous equipment

J'IRAI A L'ECOLE regularly finances the purchase of children equipment essential for improving comfort and working conditions at school. 

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