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Volunteers committed to education in Madagascar


The team of J'IRAI A L'ECOLE in France is exclusively made up of particularly committed volunteers.

They take in charge their travel and mission expenses in the field. 

This level of commitment allows the JIAE association to have extremely low operating costs, around 2%. 

Richard Valverde président de l'association JIAE

A television producer, Richard has traveled a lot professionally but also privately out of passion.

In 2016, while his three children were about to complete their higher education in France, he noticed during a humanitarian mission in Madagascar the virtual impossibility for young disadvantaged Malagasy people to access education.

From this contrast, which he refuses to see as inevitable, was born the idea of founding J'IRAI A L'ECOLE.

Richard Valverde

Françoise Derwael de l'association JIAE

By joining Richard Valverde in the creation of JIAE, Françoise sees the opportunity to give more meaning to her life, to live strong human experiences and to develop new skills while obtaining concrete results.

She strongly believes that every child should have the right to go to school and learn.

Founding member and

President of JIAE

Founding member and

Treasurer of JIAE

Francoise Derwael

Annick Mesnard Robbe de l'association JIAE

During her travels, Annick is impressed by the commitment of all these children, who, even in the most difficult living conditions, seek to learn and understand the world around them. Each child is a seed just waiting to grow.


It is with enthusiasm that she joins the creation project of I will go to school   which will allow several generations of children to learn and improve their future.

Annick Mesnard Robbe

Founding member and

general secretary of JIAE

Claire Isnard de l'association JIAE

During her first trip to Madagascar, Claire was particularly affected by the extreme poverty that prevails on this island in the Indian Ocean.


A caring mother, she is aware of the challenge that learning represents for the future of a child. She fights for every child to have the same rights to education regardless of their place of birth. 

Claire Isnard

Founding member et 

secretary of JIAE

Edith Perecerou de Madagascar de l'association JIAE

As soon as she arrived in Madagascar in 2017, Edith joined JIAE and became heavily involved in the development of the association. 

She led the long process of acquiring the land for the construction of the Ecole des Petits Géants and the administrative procedures for the official recognition of JIAE in Madagascar.


Her contacts with leading economic players and his knowledge of Malagasy society are essential assets for JIAE.

Edith Percerou


Director and photographer, Gérard has been a volunteer in all missions in the field since the creation of JIAE. He is the best friend of the children of the Régne school who always welcome him with great enthusiasm.


Most of the photos constituting the image bank of the JIAE association come from his work.

Gerard DiPuglia

Director and photographer

Daniel Rapaport de l'association JIAE

Architect, Daniel is co-founder and director of the Semon-Rapaport agency. An early member of JIAE, he put his agency at the service of the association to design the architectural project for the Ecole des Petits Géants.

Daniel Rapaport



Felana has a degree in child psychology and pedagogy and taught for 9 years before working as a pedagogical manager for 3 years. She is now the Director of the School of the Little Giants.


Orphaned at the age of 11, she was sponsored by a French couple who took care of her school fees until she graduated from university.


Her objective today is to accompany a maximum number of deprived children on their way to education "so that they have a bright future".


Arisoa has a Master's degree in Literature and Human Sciences and has worked for 15 years as a web editor for foreign companies.

Today, she is keen to put her skills at the service of associations working in the field of education and solidarity.

Living close to the School of the Little Giants, she sought to join the team of J'IRAI A L'ECOLE as soon as the project started. She is now one of the key members.

Véloarisoa Randrianaivoson

Project Manager
School of the Little Giants

OG7A8175 copie.JPG

Aïna Felana Ratsimbazafy

Director of the School of the Little Giants

Portrait de la directrice de l'école Règne à Madagascar

Holder of a master's degree in law, Hary has always worked in the field of social action. At a very young age, she became involved in Christian associations.


In 2012, she decided to commit to the education of street children and took over the management of the Régne school.


She's a fierce fighter

determined to fight relentlessly despite the meager means at its disposal. 

Hary Raharimalala

Director of the School Règne


Njaka, who has a postgraduate degree in sociology, works for the Madagascan Ministry of Education. He regularly carries out consultancy missions on behalf of J'IRAI A L'ECOLE.

Marathon runner, triathlete, he has carried the colours of Madagascar in important international competitions.

As member of the International Federation of School Sports, he sees the practice of sport as an essential driver of human development for young people.

Pedagogical advisor in charge of relations with the authorities

Njaka Tsirofo Rasoloarison

Portrait du responsable logistique

Toto is a tour guide, he is part of all JIAE missions.

He is a charming and very efficient man, a fine connoisseur of Malagasy but also French culture. He has traveled his country in all directions.


His analyzes and advice always demonstrate great finesse and great foresight. These qualities are an essential asset for association.

Logistics Manager

Toto Ramelson

OG7A8306 copie.JPG

Tahina Raharinirina


OG7A8321 copie.JPG

Nantenaina Andrianjanaka

Security guard in charge of maintenance

Tatamo Louisa Rasoananahary


The teachers are paid by the Régne school, whose means are very limited. J'IRAI A L'ÉCOLE, which aims to improve the quality of education, has decided to raise the level of teacher recruitment and therefore to increase salaries by covering 33% of their amount. A hitherto non-existent social protection has also been put in place for these teachers.

IMG_5151 copie.jpeg
IMG_5117 copie.jpeg

Nadhy Raharimananjara

OG7A8231 copie.JPG

Onja Faniry Rakotondrabe


Sarobidy Ratolojanahary

Kindergarten teacher

Kindergarten teacher

CP1 teacher

CP2 teacher

OG7A9033 copie.JPG

Fara Vololona Randrianarisoa

CE teacher

IMG_5249 copie.jpeg

Tahina Florentine Ramisarisoa

CM1 teacher

OG7A8276 copie.JPG

Hantamalala Raharimbola

CM2 teacher


Franck Rakotondrasoa

theater teacher


Suzette Sarah Raivoma

Singing teacher


Johanna Miandariva

dance teacher


Juno Michel Katsamaly

Professeur de dessin

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