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Teach French to give more chances of success

teachers from the Alliance Française strengthens the team

In Madagascar, the national language is Malagasy (Malagasy). French, the second official language, is the language of business, administration and the media (only 20% of the population have it). French is learned from CM1. In high school, education is bilingual, while higher education takes place exclusively in French.

The level of French of the teachers and students of the Règne school is rudimentary, as in all schools with limited resources. It is therefore to increase students'chances of success that J'irai à l'école has decided to finance French lessons given by teachers from the Alliance Française. This measure represents an important part of the budget of I will go to school, but the quality of this teaching is a guarantee of success for the future.

Access to the media library of the Alliance Française

The school is located 5 kilometers from the facilities of the Alliance Française. But this distance does not stop the students who every Wednesday and Saturday walk 2 hours to get to the media library. There, they can consult or borrow all types of books free of charge and play numerous educational games on computers or tablets.

This access to reading and digital tools is exceptional for these children from the poor suburbs of the capital. This initiative is certainly not unrelated to the improvement of the results in the exams recorded by the students of the school.

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