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Foster children's personal development

Art and culture rather than the dangers of the streets

When children in poor neighborhoods such as the one where we work are not in school, they are often on the streets, left to fend for themselves or at work to help their parents. 

In order to save these children from the dangers to which they are exposed in the street, J'IRAI A L'ECOLE has created several artistic workshops. These extracurricular activities of course contribute to the personal development of children, but many studies show that their practice is an asset for the future.

Creation of theatre, dance, singing and drawing workshops

Each week, 2-hour sessions are offered to children in each of these disciplines.

An end-of-year show brings together parents, children and teachers. This moment is a fairly rare opportunity for these children to be in the light, applauded and valued.

Sharing the magical emotions of cinema

Film screenings at school

On the occasion of each mission, the members of J'IRAI A L'ECOLE organize film screenings.

On these festive evenings, all students and their parents are invited.

This activity is a real event for these children who have no TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. The looks of these children say a lot about the emotions these projections provide.

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