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Ny Hoaviko is a Malagasy association with which we collaborate. Its members have worked with children in difficulty for many years. In particular, Ny Hoaviko covers the school fees of certain children in great difficulty and distributes school supply kits. This association has also set up a free school canteen for the children of Masinandriana.

As part of our collaboration with Ny Hoaviko, we are supporting the construction of a reception center for underprivileged children in the municipality of Masinandriana. This center will be equipped with a canteen, a library, a toy library, a home and sanitary facilities. Actions such as homework support, the practice of artistic activities and the teaching of basic hygiene rules will be developed there.

The experience shared with the local actors of Ny Hoavoko constitutes a real asset for the development of the activities of J'IRAI A L'ECOLE in Madagascar.

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