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Fight against malnutrition

improve food

Some of the children attending school may suffer from malnutrition. To remedy this, the school appealed to ADRA, an international humanitarian association which provides free protein rice for children who have lunch at school. This protein rice was the only food served to children until the start of our sponsorship program.


From now on, J'IRAI À L'ECOLE adds one of the following foods to this daily portion of rice as often as possible: fruit, vegetable, egg, meat or dairy.

Improved meals are attracting an increasing number of children to eat in the canteen. This meal is for many of them the main part of their daily diet. It can be for some parents in great difficulty a motivation to keep their children in school.

The absence of a kitchen does not help with the preparation of meals, which is done empirically in the yard. The locals are once again showing their limits. The project to build the Ecole des Petits Géants is also designed to remedy this situation.

Improve infrastructure and adopt the right gestures for better hygiene

Have access to water

According to the Ministry of National Education, 80% of Malagasy schools have no water point and no place for students to wash their hands with soap. This reality shows the inability of many teachers to enforce basic hygiene measures, particularly in the context of a health crisis. 

At Reign School, drinking water was installed in 2018 when moving into new premises. The school now has a drinking water point that allows children to wash their hands and teeth.

J'IRAI A L'ECOLE has obtained permission from the owners of the house that houses the school to build communal washbasins.

Teach good behavior

Teachers teach children to adopt the right behaviors for better personal, domestic and food hygiene.

The absence of a real toilet block at the school remains very problematic. The construction of the Ecole des Petits Géants will of course put an end to this situation.

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