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Parents, an essential pillar in the education of children

A child's success at school depends of course on the quality of the education provided, but also on the support of parents, the "first educators".

In Madagascar, the national education system has been running a Parents' School in each school for several years. The main objective is to make parents aware of their role as first educators, first protectors and first referents of their children, for a quality school success. Several sessions are held during the year, during which the teaching teams explain to parents the importance of their support in the academic success of their children.

At the end of October, parents were invited to collect their children's report cards and participate in the first Parents' School session.

Director Felana stressed the importance of parents being involved in monitoring their children's education. She stressed that they can be an important support despite their possible illiteracy.

She also congratulated parents in great financial difficulty who make enormous efforts to send their children to school and avoid an early entry into the world of work.


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