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Who do we help? Portrait of Nimesy

NIMESY is an 8 year old boy. He is in CE1 class at the School of the Little Giants.

Shy, serious and hard-working, his school results are good. A normal schooling can be envisaged for him if he is not a victim of too much precariousness which would force him to go to work early to pay for his child's food.

Her mother runs a small gargote where she serves coffee and sells rice flour fritters made by her father. This small business provides them with an income of 3.5 euros per day to support themselves, their three children and pay the rent.

When he is not at school, Nimesy plays with his priceless treasure: a plastic car that he is constantly repairing and rebuilding. His dream is to build a real one and go to the zoo to see the crocodiles.


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