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A dynamic and passionate teacher

Tatamo is a passionate teacher of nursery pupils in the Moyenne Section.

She is 29 years old and comes from a farming family. After a 1st year in law, she turned to education. She worked as an assistant teacher for several years before being promoted to teacher. Her husband is a bus driver. They have 2 children.

Apart from her children, Tatamo has two passions: French and basketball. To improve her knowledge of French, she borrows books from the School of the Little Giants library. She has joined general knowledge groups in French on social networks. Finally, she watches television in French whenever she can.

Every morning at 6am, Tatamo, accompanied by her two children, Ny Avo aged 7 and Manjaka aged 4 (both of whom attend the School of the Little Giants), crosses the Sisaony river by pirogue before taking the bus to school.

Tatamo has just passed the theoretical part of the CAP exam ("Certificat d'aptitude pédagogique à l'Enseignement dans les Ecoles Primaires"). She is now preparing for the practical part of the exam. This training, recognised as one of the best available in Madagascar, is 100% paid for by J'IRAI A L'ECOLE. The training of teachers and the quality of the teaching provided at the School of the Little Giants remain one of our priorities. Tatamo understands this and spares no effort in fulfilling his mission. Thank you Tatamo!


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