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Act 2 of our crowdfunding programme

The aim of our recent crowdfunding campaign was to finance the development of the outdoor areas of the School of the Little Giants. This was to help cope with the climatic events (torrential rain, drought, etc.) that regularly hit Madagascar, but also to encourage the socialisation and development of the children.

Act 2 of the project is now complete.

Because a school playground is much more than just a place for children to let off steam, and because it can also be a place for learning, we wanted to ensure that the space was used to the full, whatever the season.

Part of the funds raised by our crowdfunding campaign went towards planting trees to create shady areas, as well as building large planters to create educational vegetable gardens and raise children's awareness of environmental issues.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the generous donors who helped fund these major improvements.


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