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Act 4 of our crowdfunding programme

The aim of our recent crowdfunding campaign was to finance the refurbishment of the outdoor areas of the School of the Little Giants. The aim was to protect the school from climatic events, but also to encourage the children to socialise and develop.

Act 4 of the project is now complete.

Passing on a taste for sport and all the values associated with the practice of sport was one of the essential components of this project to develop outdoor spaces.

Part of the funds raised by our crowdfunding campaign has therefore been used to finance a multi-sports pitch.

This is a real bonus for the School of the Little Giants, as the sports field and bleachers also provide a meeting place for festive and cultural activities.

The funds raised by this successful crowdfunding campaign have enabled us to greatly improve the quality of life at the School of the Little Giants.

Thanks to you, the School of the Little Giants is now more than ever a refuge for all those children threatened with early school leaving, but it is also a huge hope for a better future.


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