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Christmas in Madagascar

Christmas is the most important festival in Madagascar, especially in the capital where the majority of the population is Christian. From the first days of December, numerous merchants selling Christmas trees and garlands invade the sunny streets of Antananarivo.

Beautiful dresses are bought for little girls and polished shoes for little boys. In the homes, the atmosphere is festive, but it is in the churches that the excitement is greatest. All the families go there to sing and dance.

The Christmas meal includes rice, of course, but for those who can afford it, there will also be poultry or pork and the famous Yule log decorated with butter cream. The Malagasy say that this is their "fattest meal of the year".

Among the poorest, there is no pomp and circumstance, but parents will still do the maximum for their children. Father Christmas will not come to these homes, toys will be replaced by sweets or chocolates but the whole family will be together to celebrate and dance.


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