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Portrait of Antsaniaina

Antsaniaina is a five and a half year old girl living with her parents and little brother in a room in her grandmother's house. She likes to play with the dolls from school. On Sundays she goes to church with her whole family. She is a shy, obedient and friendly little girl.

Antsaniaina's mother is a washerwoman and her father a mason. Both are day labourers and look for work on a daily basis. It goes without saying that on days when they cannot find work, they do not receive any compensation. On those days, it is very difficult to keep the pot boiling and sometimes the whole family goes to bed hungry.

Antsaniaina's school results are a little below average, but her teacher says that she is willing and is making progress.

Antsaniaina's situation is similar to that of most of the children attending Ecole Des Petits Géants. By supporting J'IRAI A L'ECOLE, you are helping to improve access to education for these vulnerable children who are at risk of dropping out early.


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