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Portrait of Tiako

TIAKO is 6 years old, her little sister is 2. Their father, a bricklayer, has left home to live with "another lady". Their young mother, aged 30, is a washerwoman and is responsible for their education, as well as that of her own 13-year-old sister. Six days a week she washes clothes at home for less than one euro a day. She is fed by her employers at lunchtime, with Tiako and her younger sister eating for free in the canteen.

The décor of the only room in their home says a lot about the extreme poverty in which this family lives.

However, Tiako is a curious, sensitive, mischievous, lively and very smiley little boy. Like many young Malagasy children, he actively participates in household chores and often goes to buy rice and coal.

He likes to play with a ball (which he has made himself out of plastic bags and string), to ride his neighbour's motorbike and to watch TV through the window of those who are lucky enough to have one.

When asked what job he would like to do, he answers "eater" to eat or "driver" to have a car... We are convinced that by going to school, other, bigger dreams will be allowed.


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