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World Water Day

One in two Malagasy children has no access to drinking water.

According to UNICEF, half of all Malagasy children under the age of five suffer from stunted growth due to water-related diseases (chronic malnutrition and diarrhoea). (

Very few people have running water and water shortages have been a long-standing problem. Most people use recycled peanut oil cans to fetch water from a well or a standpipe, and these famous yellow cans are an integral part of Malagasy daily life. In the capital Antananarivo and its outskirts, people queue up in front of the water tanks and supply trucks. The price of a can of water varies, often around 500 ariary, not including transport costs.

The Malagasy government has set itself the goal of ensuring that 60% of the population has access to water by 2023, and the Ministry of Water is working towards this goal...


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